Being is a light installation which is intended to help bring individuals into the present moment. I wanted to create a safe space where viewers could lose themselves and fully experience the work as well as their responses to the work. Each Light Vessel is an excerpt from the light installation, Being, and is made to be a tool for meditation, personal insight and contemplation. The vessels are handblown and their shapes are inspired by the fluidity of glass creating organic, flowing forms. The vessels are then filled with water to increase their feeling of magnitude as well as intensify their interaction with the light that passes through them. The Light Vessels are meant to be a mirror for the viewer. Allowing the individual to lose themselves and go within, into the present moment to meet themselves.


The following images were taken at Gallery Duerr in Stockholm, Sweden by Serinya.



Vessels made to help bring you into the present moment. Filled with water to amplify their energetic effects and light play, these art pieces are intended for meditation and contemplation. Each piece is hand-made, unique and one-of-a-kind.