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Special Edition Messages in the Water glasses designed by it's.just.raina.

Made to inspire you to create and lead a healthy life. 

Action Glasses by Raina: Text


A Certified Life Coach, top wellness coach, and mom with 8+ years of experience in helping women build more consistency in all areas of their life.

Raina is an absolute BADASS. Not only does she help others (myself included) on their personal development journeys, she has also mastered her own life challenges. Challenges which would otherwise disable others, Raina perseveres and uses her experiences to inspire and lead.   

Because of how amazing and inspiring she is, I had to ask her if she was interested in collaborating on a special product with me. This is the result! Hand-made, special edition Messages in the Water glasses designed by Raina with messages that inspire you to MOVE and create the healthy life YOU want to live. 

Available texts: 

-get up and move!

-it's go time.

-let's workout. 

Approximate Size: 8.5 cm X 8.5 cm X 9 cm  

(size may vary)

IMG_3535 2.JPG
Action Glasses by Raina: Text


Ever need that little extra boost to help get you moving?

These glasses can help you with just that!

Each glass is hand-made with love and attention to detail. Inspiring you to take ACTION and live the healthy life YOU have always dreamt of.

Designed by Raina.

Made for YOU.


Action Glasses by Raina: Text

Get the ACTION set!

We get it. Sometimes one just isn't enough. Especially when it is something so high-quality and AWESOMe as these Action Glasses designed by Raina. 

AND you save 10% when you buy the set so, it's like a Win-Win. 

Here's to getting your life in ACTION. 

Click the link below to purchase your very own hand-made ACTION set.

Action Glasses by Raina: Text
Action Glasses by Raina: Image
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